Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting ready for another Holiday season

We can feel it in the air... The Holiday season is coming...
In two weeks we will be selling our wrist wallets, arm wallets and ankle pouches at the Signature Show in Ottawa following by the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.
Lots of new styles to choose from - ones that are currently not for sale on our website.
We will bring new stylish PixiPak, MeliPak and PassPak (passport size one).
Soon we will draw tickets for these Shows so if you live in these regions, don't forget to sign-up to receive our newsletter to get your chance to participate in our draw.
Hope to see you soon,

Monday, July 19, 2010

New PixiPak - wrist wallet

Are you looking for a thin wrist band, wrist wallet or ankle wallet to carry the minimum when going grocery shopping or talking walks? Take a look at our newly improved PixiPak. Not only do they now come in seven different colors but they include a front padding to protect your essentials from water and shocks.

These bags are much thinner and a little smaller than our classic MeliPak. The idea came when customers were telling me that sometimes, they would only need a small bag to carry their ipod nano, a few cards and a key. The MeliPak is great to carry your cell/PDA/iPod or camera but it is not always needed.

I also got comments from people about having their kids wear them when going to their friends house or at summer camp. Some customers also use it for their permanent insulin pump!
Tell me where would you wear it?

Bra hands-free,

Monday, May 10, 2010

New styles and colors

Just wanted to give you a sneak peak at our new colors.
I love colors but was mostly inspired by neutral tones for the next season...
And although many people are attracted to vibrant colors most of you tend to buy the black, gray and white - so you will have many styles to choose from.

Do you have a favorite?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back from One of a Kind Show

Hi, It was our fifth time at the Toronto One of a Kind Show which is our favorite consumer Show of all!! Again, I had a very successful and enjoyable time meeting my loyal customers and new ones. My Mom was there to help me - thank God! We had so many people visiting our booth I don't know what I would have done without her...

Surprisingly many people had never seen my booth and bags before even though I've been to the OOAK many times... This time my kiosk was further in the front and at the beginning of the rows (F15) vs the last time (O43) which is at the complete opposite side. Maybe the Show is just so big that it is hard to see it all ;-)

Here some picture of my set-up

This time, not only did I showcase my big images, I also added my large logo including the five different ways to wear your bag. Basically, all Jupiter Freedom bags can be used as arm wallets, leg pouches, wrist wallets, waist bands or ankle cases.

As the Show, I've also tested a new hands-free bag to my collection: the PassPak. This stylish and versatile bag is used to store your passport under or over your clothes when traveling. If you don't want to use it for your passport, you can use it as a little pouch when walking around town. As long as you are hands-free! This new addition was a great success and will shortly be sold on my website

Hope you had as much fun as I did ;-)
Be hands-free,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The good, the fun and the ugly!

This is the time of the year for me that everything happens at the same time...

The GOOD: I've just finished updating my website with new hands-free bags. Since it is Jupiter Freedom's 3rd year anniversary, I've decided to treat my customers with a once-a-year sale. You will find new spring styles, my new PixiPak(tm) collection, new bag accessories and new ways to wear your bag. Since the elastic strap is adjustable and removable, use it like a wrist wallet, arm pocket, travel waist pouch, leg bag or ankle wallet! So versatile!

The FUN: I get to plan my Summer and Winter collections. I go through a ton of fabric by visiting multiple fabric stores in Montreal, New York and Baltimore. It could be intimidating seeing hundreds and hundreds of fabric rolls but I now know what to look for so my eyes browse pretty quickly. When something stands out I then look at the material quality and pattern. It is important to have a small pattern that would fit within the bag's dimensions. I have lots of new ideas for the next months so keep posted...

The UGLY: I hate doing it but I really have no choice... accounting... I'm not bad with numbers but it takes such a long time to enter all the receipts and balance everything out. Plus, since I do business in both Canada and the US, I have different currencies and taxes... Anyway, no sense complaining because it is inevitable ;-)

Be hands-free,

Monday, December 7, 2009

One more Show

Just finished the Toronto and Chicago One of a Kind Show yesterday. Unfortunately, these two Shows run simultaneously so I had to go to Chicago on Dec 2 to set up my booth while Randee and Joanne were taking care of my customers in Toronto. We sold so many bags that most of the styles on my website are now sold out. If you would like to purchase a hands-free bag, please select one of the styles below. I will update my website tomorrow with all the new products.
Being on the road is hard work and long hours but as I always say it is always nice to meet face to face with my customers. Over the years, I've received great positive feedback and suggestions. Some of you asked me to make a little stylish pouch to carry your passport. I will do so in the next few months ;-)
Next weekend, I'm off to the New York One of a Kind Show. If you are in the area, please pass by and see me at booth G-17.
Talk to you soon,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New styles and colors

Hi, In a few weeks, we will head down to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto (Booth O-43), Chicago (Booth 8-2113) and then New York (BoothG-17). As usual, I am really excited about these Shows as they give me a chance to meet my customers. Plus, I've never sold my bags in Chicago and New York so can't wait to see the reaction...

It is my busiest time of the year again and I have so many new styles and products and don't even where to begin... Alright, let's start with the new styles for the main hands-free bag. All of the products below will launch at the Toronto One of a Kind Show. If you are not going to the Show and would like to order one of these styles, please contact me at


Polka (Brown with red, green brown dots)
Lime (Green, Grey, Black)
Honeycomb (yellow, white and grey)

Galaxy (black&white)

Awakening (white&red)

Bubbles (green, white, black, red)


Meli-Melo (1 left)

Also new, this season...
I had many requests for a "mini" bag to simply carry an mp3 player or cards and key while salsa dancing or even for kids when they go to a friend's house. These will be available in 7 different styles at the One of a Kind Shows.

You all know that you can wear your bag on your arm but did you know you can also wear it on your leg or waist?

The last new addition is the waist scarf. Again, a few of my customers were requesting to wear their bag around their waist. Although it was always possible by removing the elastic and looping a small belt, I wanted to offer another stylish alternative. Three colors will be offered: silver, cherry red and black.

If you are interested in one of the styles, please contact me for a pre-order. All prices are $49.99 (USD or CND) and include a charm jewelry, a matching change purse and the bag is wrapped in a silky gift bag (so you don't even have to wrap it!!). We promise that all bags will be delivered BEFORE Dec 24.

See you soon,

Friday, October 23, 2009

At Ottawa Signature Show

Sorry about not writing sooner... Christmas is my busiest time of the year. I'm preparing lots of new bag styles and introducing my new mini-mini bag (which I still haven't found a name for it!!).

Currently, I am at Ottawa Signatures Christmas Show. Yesterday was the first day of the Show and it was outstanding. I had two nice ladies that passed by telling me that they bought respectively three and two bags last year. They were telling me how useful the armbags are. Honestly, this is why I love doing these consumers Shows so much.... I get direct access to my customers and hear what they have to say about my little arm wallet. It is very precious. Selling to a store is great for product distribution but you don't have this direct communication with the people that are buying your armbags.

Next stop is the One of a Kind Show Toronto, then Chicago and New York. It will be my first time in Chicago and New York and I CAN'T WAIT ;-)))

I'll update my Jupiter Freedom website with the new hands-free bag styles begining of November.

Think about me for your Christmas shopping ;-)

Be hands-free

Friday, September 4, 2009

Get satisfied...

Hi, Every year around this time I like to do a survey with my customers to see how satisfied they are with our hands-free bags and hear their comments. I'm never nervous about it because I believe in the quality of our Jupiter Freedom bags but I definitely get excited about reading the feedback. I found out that...
  • More than 82% of our customers are "extremely" or "very satisfied" with their purchases ;-)
  • As I expected, most customers use their arm pockets for (in order): "traveling (city, beach, cruise, etc)", "doing sports (run, walk, bike, etc)", "when going out (bars, restaurants, clubs, etc)", "doing activities with kids", "walking the dog".

Many customers requested to buy an extra change purse and elastic strap online. We will update our website so you can do so.

In addition to our new mini bags (below), you will soon be able to purchase a silky belt to loop in your hands-free bag so you can wear it around your waist. Keep an eye on our new product launch in October!

Be hands-free,


Friday, July 31, 2009

New "Mini mini bag" for mp3 players

Bonjour, I'm very happy to show you a prototype of my new Jupiter Freedom "mini-mini bag"!! I had many comments over the years about developping a bag just for mp3 players, for kids and something to wear at the wrist or ankle or to hide under a shirt, skirt or pants.

I've put much thoughts into this and I came up with the perfect little size bag to address these needs. It is much thinner and a little smaller than the one I currently have in my collection. (see pictures) and it holds the minimum.

Here are the differences:

Mini-mini can store: keys, lipstick, money, cards, small mp3 player

Armbag can store: keys, lipstick, money, cards, any mp3 player (including iPod)/camera/cell phone (including iPhone, any PDAs). This bag also includes a removable change purse.

I will let you know when is will be for sale (probably around Oct). Please let me know what you think at

Be hands-free,

NEW mini-mini bag

Current armbag