Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New model for x-mas gift

Hi, Take a look at my latest model... I personally love it! What do you think?
It will be available for sale in a few weeks on my website http://www.jupiterfreedom.com/
For the past week, I've been focusing my work on marketing and distribution. I'm spreading the word out there about my armbags ;-)
If you know any good website presenting gift ideas, fashion, handbags, etc please let me know. You can now see my product on Etsy.com (which is a really great site to find little treasures) and Oursthreads.com. I'm also running some ads on Facebook.

I'm selling alot of bags and the Midnight Garden seems to be the most popular. I think people like the little silver flowers which makes it really feminine.
Honestly, my armbag makes the perfect Holiday gifts for urban, active and social 20-35 years old women. Think about your sister, cousin, best friend, collegue ;-)
Got to go back to work!