Monday, February 18, 2008

The best saleswomen

I've been wanted to write for a long time but just didn't find the time...
Right now I'm focusing on three things:

1- Sales, sales, sales
After many months of developing a great product, it is time to really put it out there. With the coverage in Clin d'Oeil magazine, I got alot of product awareness and sales. I'm also looking forward to close a deal with a major player in the USA raising funds for Breast Cancer by selling my armbags in different stores. I'm always looking for partnership opportunities to distribute my products. And with the 15-week-class I'm taking on "Sales Technique" (which I really need), I'll become the best saleswomen on the planet. Watch out Tupperware!!!

2- PR
I believe I have a very innovating product that is both practical and fashionable. I hope journalists will appreciate that and will talk about it. It is hot, hot, hot! I'm looking into fashion, sports and travel magazine. Any other ideas?

3- One of a Kind Show
This is THE fun show to be in Toronto in March. There are thousands of people visiting this 5-day event. Right now, I'm trying to put together a little stylish booth design. I have a few ideas which I'll share with you in a few days. All my armbags will be on sale there + I'll bring 3 new spring styles. If you are in the Toronto area, pass by ;-)

Oh yes, I also go a $3,000 grant from a Quebec programm called "Jeunes Promoteurs" which helps out entrepreneurs. I am very happy about this!

Have to go, I'll be back in a few days