Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring is here

I can definitely tell Spring is here! Customers always get excited about wearing their Jupiter Freedom hands-free bags when doing spring and summer activities. I always have an increase in orders in May up until August and it gets me very excited and motivated... Then we switch gears and we put ourselves in x-mas mode.

Here are some comments from customers:

"I found the Arm to be the best place (to wear it)!
Love my hand free bag!" Sarah B.

"I’ve been reading your blog and sending your website URL to all my friends! you so rock!! "dennie t.

"I just love your enthusiasm. I can feel it even online. I gave your armbag as a gift at Christmas and now I want to get one for myself." Ruth M.

"Hello, They are all wonderful... great idea!!! I never carry a purse... "Toni

"... Your hands-free arm purses were awaiting! They called out to me.. I am like WOW.. too much! I just became a mother of a baby pug dog who is nine months old.. Anyway, I was sporting an ugly funny pack (not exactly the sexiest thing on the block!) during our walks together. My husband wouldn't even be honest how goofy I looked when I took my dog for a walk.. Hahaha! Thanks for making these bags !!! I love supporting quebec artists, talents, and industry as well!! I am hip now and cool... We took our first walk hands free and it's PERFECT! Thanks again! MERCI MERCI!" Tracy K-S.

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Be hands-free