Friday, June 22, 2007


It has been two weeks that I left my job and I feel really good about my decision. Yesterday I came back from St-Jérôme where I make my prototypes and was very pleased with where we stand. Now I can really feel I'm getting closer to a final product. The people that work there are great. Claire is the main seamstress that I work with and althought we work hard we are having fun doing it.
I also had to run around town to meet with possible suppliers for zippers and other bag components. I totally new for me but I'm lerning alot.
I'll keep you posted...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Curtains wanted

It is important for me to design and market an ethical product. One aspect of this is to use recycled products. I am currently looking for unwanted curtains any shape, size, color to make the arm bags.
If you have curtains to donate please send me an email at


It's a start

This blog is about the making of my new business: "Jupiter Freedom"
I thought it would be pretty interesting to relate the ups and downs of starting a business. We all have a good idea that we want to put on the market but not all of us "have the guts to make the jump" (as my friends say). I did! and will let you into my world.

Welcome to the making of Jupiter Freedom...