Friday, October 26, 2007

It is a go!

I very happy and excited to announce the official launch of Jupiter Freedom's website

Wow! I was feeling a bit anxious (in a good way) this morning about this new step and now I'm really jumping up and down. I did it! Had an idea, left my job, found the right people to help me out, worked hard, and bam here it is ;-)
Again, thanks for all the great advice and comments! I can feel the excitment from everybody that have been following me for the past months.
Pass it on to friends. Invite them on my website. The armbag seriously makes the best x-mas gift - and I'm not just saying that because I'm selling it !
Cheers everybody and keep coming to my blog

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Jupiter Freedom armbag collection

Get the first armbag collection.
Remember... there is only 100 units per model so if you like one I suggest you buy it now.

When you buy an armbag you also get a matching card case, ipod nano case (mp3 player not included!) and a silky travel pouch to put your armbag in when not in use. All this for $59 taxe included. Plus, all products are made in Quebec so you support your local economy.

For more information about my products, check out the post from Sept 17 below.
To buy now, see instructions below the pictures.

Midnight city - Jupiter Freedom armbag

Midnight Stars - Jupiter Freedom armbag

Midnight Garden - Jupiter Freedom armbag

Midnight Breeze - Jupiter Freedom armbag

Armbag features:

I'm really excited to show you these ;-) They make the perfect gift for B-Day or x-mas for you and a girlfriends. Perfect for when going out with friends, going on vacation to the beach, walking your dog, going to the gym, running errands. Basically anytime you don't want to carry a purse!

To buy, measure your upper arm in inches (so I send you the right size) and click on the "Buy Now" button located on the left side. Make sure you select the one matching your bag. You do not need a PayPal account to buy. Just use your credit card. If you work at Aeroplan or you are a friend I see regularly, I will personally deliver it to you and reimburse the 10$ shipping fee. Please indicate "No shipping" in the special instruction box on the checkout page.

Trust me... once you have this, you will always wear it!

If you have questions, email me at or visit my website
Cheers and thank again for following my adventure
gen ;-)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Drum roll please....

Drum roll please....
Keep an eye in your inbox soon as I will be annoucing the launch of Jupiter Freedom. Tuesday I should start selling my armbags after 10 months of development. Wow I can't believe this is happening... what an adventure... Of course, this is just the beginning but I feel that I just hit an important milestone to actually put my product on the market.
I will still update my blog and keep the "behind the scene" alive.
talk to you soon

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A week in Jupiter Freedom...

Monday: Take my emails and respond to my first potential client that I don't know- yeah! Write on my blog. Look at magazines for inspiration on fabrics. Work the rest of the day to try to figure out how I will attach the jewlery accessories to the armbag. Go to the beads place to get a crash course. Start doing jewelry accessories myself. Not simple and very labor intensive...

Tuesday: Take my emails. Go to Supreme Laces to get my elastics, YKK for the zippers, MSB for the piping, Ultratex for bra hooks, Pacific Imports for other hooks, Eugene textile, Club tissu and Fabricville to get some fabric and inspiration. Breathe and eat. Go to my paternist. Prepare all technical specs sheets and raw material inventory.

Wednesday: Go to St-Jérôme to drop raw materials and provide direction to the production team who will make the bags. Back to Montreal - stuck in traffic...Take my emails. Spend time on Facebook. Do my accounting (ouach). Look into all my purses to find receipts. Realize that I spent alot of money. Adjust my sales, production and inventory projections. Re-balance my cashflow sheet.

Thursday: Take my emails. Validate 15 images sent out by my designer. Validate the web pages in development. Write web content in english and french. Prepare product inventory sheets, product codes and names. Create invoice templates for customers. Go on PayPal to figure out the handshake process. Look at Canada Post, UPS and Fedex to figure out costs and customs formalities for shipping into US and International. Buy shipping boxes that are big enough to fit 1-2 armbags but small enough so we fit into the "small package" category from Canada Post so it is cheaper.

Friday: Take a class on something like "Income taxe for businesses", "GST", "Exportations/C-TPAT", "Accounting". Eat. Prepare marketing plan and tactics for launch. Find websites to advertise and distribute my product. Fill in applications for contests, grants and exhibits (BTW - I will be at the One of a Kind show in Toronto in March - yeah). Improve my business plan. Breathe...

A la semaine prochaine ;-)