Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's a Go...

Today was the first day at the Toronto One of a Kind and it was outstanding!!
I'm selling my new armbag collection and so far, alot of people like the Secret Ocean and Secret Orient bags. (I will put a picture soon).

I'm in a section reserved for new artisans (G-56) and I am fortunate to have a great location - right by two aisles and the restaurant area. I always love going to Shows like these because I get to meet my customers and see which styles they prefer, for which activity, for who they want to buy it for, etc. Now that I've done several shows, I have people stopping by my booth and telling me they saw my product at the Clothing Show, at the Lac Memphrémagog, etc. Very interesting to see that people remember my products ;-)

Talk to you soon and hope to see you at the Show.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Santa is getting ready

Hi, Alot is happening behind the scene right now...

I'm getting ready to feature my new Jupiter Freedom armbag collection at the Toronto One of a Kind Show from Nov 27-Dec7 (Booth G-56) and at the Original's Ottawa Christmas Craft Sale in Ottawa from Dec 16-21 (Booth 302). Pass by and see me! I will have 6 new styles ranging from chic evening to sportswear. If you haven't been to the One of a Kind Show, you must go. Not just to see my arm bags (!!) but to see all the other artisans and original gift ideas. This is THE show to go if you are looking for unique presents for the Holidays.

My production is running smoothly and the bags are absolutely gorgeous! I'm now making little jewelry charms to attach on your armbag to jazz it up when going out. After conducting a satisfaction survey a few weeks ago, I heard from customers that it was a little hard to get to the pocket inside the bag. That said, you will be glad to know that I've removed the pocket and redesigned the card holder instead to also carry coins and keys. This new card/coin holder is removable and matches the armbag. I will upload picture very soon.

If you have other comments, please let me know.
Look forward to see you at the Shows.