Monday, July 19, 2010

New PixiPak - wrist wallet

Are you looking for a thin wrist band, wrist wallet or ankle wallet to carry the minimum when going grocery shopping or talking walks? Take a look at our newly improved PixiPak. Not only do they now come in seven different colors but they include a front padding to protect your essentials from water and shocks.

These bags are much thinner and a little smaller than our classic MeliPak. The idea came when customers were telling me that sometimes, they would only need a small bag to carry their ipod nano, a few cards and a key. The MeliPak is great to carry your cell/PDA/iPod or camera but it is not always needed.

I also got comments from people about having their kids wear them when going to their friends house or at summer camp. Some customers also use it for their permanent insulin pump!
Tell me where would you wear it?

Bra hands-free,