Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a wrap!

Curtains are closed on the Toronto One of a Kind Show.

What an adventure! It was the second time for Jupiter Freedom to attend this event and I am so touched by the feedback I got.

First of all, I had many returning customers from last March passing by my booth, buying more armbags for gifts or telling me how convenient it is and how they use it all the time when travelling, walking the dog, taking walks and more. Seeing them again and hearing their comments gave me a sense of accomplishment. I know I have a great product but when you hear it from your customers, it is very special. I even had three customers, who specifically came at the Show just to get my armbags!

Again, I was very touched by the reaction of people towards the idea of wearing a bag on your arm or leg to carry accessories. People say the same thing over and over again: clever!

It is very motivating to hear such comment and it encourages me to do more.

I'm now moving along to Ottawa for another Show at Landsdown Park from Dec 16-21. It is my first time in Ottawa so I can't wait to see the reaction.

Here are some pictures from the One of a Kind Show!

Take care


Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's a Go...

Today was the first day at the Toronto One of a Kind and it was outstanding!!
I'm selling my new armbag collection and so far, alot of people like the Secret Ocean and Secret Orient bags. (I will put a picture soon).

I'm in a section reserved for new artisans (G-56) and I am fortunate to have a great location - right by two aisles and the restaurant area. I always love going to Shows like these because I get to meet my customers and see which styles they prefer, for which activity, for who they want to buy it for, etc. Now that I've done several shows, I have people stopping by my booth and telling me they saw my product at the Clothing Show, at the Lac Memphrémagog, etc. Very interesting to see that people remember my products ;-)

Talk to you soon and hope to see you at the Show.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Santa is getting ready

Hi, Alot is happening behind the scene right now...

I'm getting ready to feature my new Jupiter Freedom armbag collection at the Toronto One of a Kind Show from Nov 27-Dec7 (Booth G-56) and at the Original's Ottawa Christmas Craft Sale in Ottawa from Dec 16-21 (Booth 302). Pass by and see me! I will have 6 new styles ranging from chic evening to sportswear. If you haven't been to the One of a Kind Show, you must go. Not just to see my arm bags (!!) but to see all the other artisans and original gift ideas. This is THE show to go if you are looking for unique presents for the Holidays.

My production is running smoothly and the bags are absolutely gorgeous! I'm now making little jewelry charms to attach on your armbag to jazz it up when going out. After conducting a satisfaction survey a few weeks ago, I heard from customers that it was a little hard to get to the pocket inside the bag. That said, you will be glad to know that I've removed the pocket and redesigned the card holder instead to also carry coins and keys. This new card/coin holder is removable and matches the armbag. I will upload picture very soon.

If you have other comments, please let me know.
Look forward to see you at the Shows.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On sale now

Just wanted to drop a line to tell you about Jupiter Freedom fall Sale - until Oct 31. You can find armbags for as low as $29.99. As always, shipping is free for orders over $100. Buy one for you and for your girl friend! Great when going on a beach vacation.

Lately, I've been working hard on developing a new collection which I will present at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and the Original Christmas Craft Sale in December. I'm very excited to see the reaction of people. I will have many different styles on display and I can't wait to see which one will be their favorite...

Talk to you soon

Monday, August 25, 2008

PiNKiTUDE launch

Last week was the launch of PiNKiTUDE - Jupiter Freedom armbags at Xin on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. Two days before we had a great launch party hosted by Emmy Rossum at Zune - where we also saw Mini-me (Verne Troyer)!

We are very excited to be part of this projet supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure - a major breast cancer foundation ( ).

PiNKiTUDE is fashion with compassion and attitude. Buy PiNKiTUDE products, show them off and help educate others that early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer. When buying two specially marked Jupiter Freedom armbags (sold at XIN - 8064 Melrose Ave, L.A.), a minimum of 5% of sales with be donated to the foundation.
I'll keep you posted on new stores selling these unique products supporting a great cause.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jupiter Freedom à "Salut Bonjour"

Vous croyez avoir vu mes mini-sacs Jupiter Freedom à "Salut Bonjour" ce matin?
Vous n'avez pas rêvé! J'étais très heureuse lorsque Hélène-Manon (la chroniqueuse) m'a contactée il y a quelques jours. J'ai sauté sur l'occasion et je lui ai tout de suite envoyé mes échantillons que vous avez vu à la télé aujourd'hui. Si les produits vous intéresse, visitez mon site web pour voir toute ma collection et pour effectuer un achat.

Ils sont vraiment super pour transporter votre cellulaire, ipod, cartes, clés et argent lors d'activités comme le vélo, les sorties entre amies, les promenades avec Fido, les voyages...
En plus, ils sont faits au Québec!

Bon magasinage

Saturday, August 2, 2008

It happened...

It finally happened... I heard my song on the radio...
Actually, it wasn't a song nor a radio but a customer wearing my armbag in a random public place. Here I was, waiting to pay at the grocery store when I saw a lady proudly wearing a Jupiter Freedom Mystery Blossom bag on her arm. It made me so happy! I asked her if she was satisfied by the product and she was so enthousiatic that another lady waiting in line behind her started to be interested by the idea. She eventually bought three armbags!

Can't wait to see more armbags on people!
Talk to you soon,

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jupiter Freedom in Magog

Just a quick note to let you know that I'll be at La Traversee du la Memphremagog in Magog (Quebec) from July 25 to August 3 selling all my Jupiter Freedom armbags including two new styles. Pass by to say hi and to see and try the armbags!
Have a nice week

Saturday, July 5, 2008

As seen in... Châtelaine magazine

Hi again,
Long time no talk... but all is well with me.
This month, I was again very happy to see a Jupiter Freedom armbag in this month's Châtelaine (french) and Quebec Scope magazines! It really makes me proud to see this exposure. I feel like a singer that hears her song on the radio for the first time.

On another note (!!), after searching like a mad women for an additional production facility in Quebec to make more Jupiter Freedom armbags, I'm finally on the right path... I have found about 10 places interested in doing my product. I'm expecting my business to really bloom in the next few months and I need to be able to produce in a higher capacity.

Great news! Jupiter Freedom will soon sell "PiNKiTUDE" armbags. "Inspired by MGM's iconic Pink Panther, PiNKiTUDE brand initiative is targeting teen and young adult women and is devised to raise awareness as to the importance of breast self-examination, early detection and treatment of breast cancer while also stressing the importance of a healthy lifestyle." I'm very happy to support this initiative linked to the Susan G Komen foundation. I'll keep you posted ;-)

I can't believe its been a year that I left my job to start this business... already... I'm still learning alot and loving it!

Talk to you soon

Friday, May 16, 2008

Be patient and good things will come...

I just had to write about my outstanding week. It is funny sometimes when good news come in bundles! Since Monday it is non stop good news and I'm just overwhelmed by it!

Day 1: I launch my armbags at a new Toronto Gallery Boutique called ShopGirls. It is a nice creative retail and studio space in ParkdaleVillage featuring amazing up-and-coming Canadian artists & designers. See

I also schedule a meeting in a few weeks with another major retailer in Quebec.

Plus, I'm launching the Jupiter Freedom armbags on Soon you will now be able to purchase an armbag with your Aeroplan Miles. How great is that!

Day 2: I had the privilege to meet this women with a great energy that is the owner of LilyEcolo ( She makes quality and trendy eco bags to replace any plastic bags when shopping, pic-nic, travelling, etc. We love our respective products and there are many ways we could work together. I'm really looking forward to it.

What do you think of the idea of designing a matching kit where:
- a Jupiter Freedom armbag would be sold with a matching folded re-usable grocery bag inside for the Shopper in you
- a Jupiter Freedom armbag would be sold inside a matching big trendy beach bag for the Vacation girl in you
- a Jupiter Freedom armbag would be sold inside a matching light-weight backpack for the Sport girl in you

Let me know your comments and ideas please...

Day 3: I'm finalizing a deal with a major player in the US (California) to sell my armbags while benefiting a great cause. I'm very excited about this opportunity and I'll tell you more about it shortly...

Day 4: Got a call from the One of a Kind Show. I'm in for the x-mas Show! I got so many positive feddback from customers this Spring, I'm very happy to participate again.

Plus, I'll also be selling my Jupiter Freedom bags at the Traversée du Lac Memphrémagog this summer.

Day 5: I got a call from a stylist to be featured in a well known fashion magazine this summer.

I think I'm good for a drink after a week like this ;-)
I'll keep you posted

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back from Montreal's Women Show

Another great time at another Exhibit...
Two weekends ago was the Montreal Women's Show where I sold my armbags again. Setting-up the booth, I had to re-organize by kiosk display and be creative since it was larger than expected (pics to come). It worked out fine and women liked having the full collection in front of them.

Again, this was a great experience as I had a chance to get customers feedback which was very positive (I'm sure having a sex toys display and girls dressed with funky wigs next to my booth probably helped!!). It is funny to notice that women in Montreal and Toronto like different armbags styles. Most women in Mtl liked the Midnight Garden one when TO was going for the Midnight Shadow one. Interesting to see the trends...

As for my day-to-day activities, I'm mostly focused on sales and am trying to lower my production costs which has always been the challenge. The fashion industry (on the production side) is very slow and difficult now and alot of suppliers closed their doors a few years ago because of a lack of work and you have to really dig to find someone that can help you. It's like a treasure hunt!

I'm currently looking for other Shows and Exhibit to attend so if you know any in your area, please let me know.

Cheers for now

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Just came back from the outstanding One of a Kind Show in Toronto where I spent 5 days talking to people about my armbags and hearing their feedback. WOW, what I response I got! Friday was totally insane. I was litterally selling an armbag every 7 minutes! I knew I had a great product because I think it is so practical, fashionable and versatile but when you hear other people talk about it and loving it so much, it pumps up my motivation.

Here are the true comments people would make:

- This is soooo smart and handy
- Where were you when I lost my wallet?
- Where were you when I went on vacation?
- This bag is so versatile
- Love the idea that you can also wear it on the leg
- What a GREAT idea
- I need this when I go to the gym
- This is perfect to go out dancing
- Great for dogwalkers like my friend
- This is sooo clever!
- I've been looking for something like this for years.

People were so enthousiatic about the armbags. They liked the different styles and the fact that you can wear it on your upper arm, lower arm or the thigh. I sold most of my armbags to women 25 to 45 years old but I was pleasantly surprise by the interest of young kids (6-14) and more mature women (60 and up). I will always remember this 12 years old girl that was totally in love with my armbags. She had the greatest smile when her mom bought her the Midnight City armbag. She passed by my booth the next day just to show me how good she looked wearing it. I wish I had takent a picture of her...

I also had a few good suggestions. Here are the most popular ones
- Have a bag big enough for the passport
- Insert a folded re-usable shopping bag inside the armbag
- Make an armbag for medication
Do you have any other suggestions?

This was such a great experience. Being face to face with your customers is the best! I'm always looking for new ideas and feedback. If you have any, please send me an email at

Below you find some photos of the kiosk and the fashion show featuring Jupiter Freedom armbags.

Thanks for everything. On April 4-6, I'll be at the Women's Show in Montreal. Pass by!

Monday, March 10, 2008

One of a Kind Show Coupon


Print and present this flyer and receive two dollars off the price of one regular adult admission for the One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale in Toronto, March 20-24, 2008.

Please see the flyer for terms and conditions.

Hope to see you there! Bring your girl friends ;-)


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Want to see my armbags in person?

Visit me at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto from March 20-24.
I will have 8 different armbag models on display including three new spring styles.
This is a great opportunity to try them on and see them in person.

The Jupiter Freedom armbags allow you to carry your cell, cards, money, keys and lipstick with freedom of movement. Functional and fashionable, they are great for travelling, working out, walking at the park with kids and going out with girl friends ;-)

See you there!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The best saleswomen

I've been wanted to write for a long time but just didn't find the time...
Right now I'm focusing on three things:

1- Sales, sales, sales
After many months of developing a great product, it is time to really put it out there. With the coverage in Clin d'Oeil magazine, I got alot of product awareness and sales. I'm also looking forward to close a deal with a major player in the USA raising funds for Breast Cancer by selling my armbags in different stores. I'm always looking for partnership opportunities to distribute my products. And with the 15-week-class I'm taking on "Sales Technique" (which I really need), I'll become the best saleswomen on the planet. Watch out Tupperware!!!

2- PR
I believe I have a very innovating product that is both practical and fashionable. I hope journalists will appreciate that and will talk about it. It is hot, hot, hot! I'm looking into fashion, sports and travel magazine. Any other ideas?

3- One of a Kind Show
This is THE fun show to be in Toronto in March. There are thousands of people visiting this 5-day event. Right now, I'm trying to put together a little stylish booth design. I have a few ideas which I'll share with you in a few days. All my armbags will be on sale there + I'll bring 3 new spring styles. If you are in the Toronto area, pass by ;-)

Oh yes, I also go a $3,000 grant from a Quebec programm called "Jeunes Promoteurs" which helps out entrepreneurs. I am very happy about this!

Have to go, I'll be back in a few days

Sunday, January 6, 2008

As seen in...

Wow! I'm super happy and proud to see my first product coverage in a magazine. You can find a picture of the Midnight Garden (very popular) and Midnight Stars in the February issue of Clin d'Oeil which is a very popular french canadian magazine. I knew it was coming but when you actually see it, it is a great feeling! When my mom saw it at the grocery store, she almost screamed to everybody that it was her daughter's armbags.... Good thing I wasn't with her...

Happy New Year to all