Thursday, November 12, 2009

New styles and colors

Hi, In a few weeks, we will head down to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto (Booth O-43), Chicago (Booth 8-2113) and then New York (BoothG-17). As usual, I am really excited about these Shows as they give me a chance to meet my customers. Plus, I've never sold my bags in Chicago and New York so can't wait to see the reaction...

It is my busiest time of the year again and I have so many new styles and products and don't even where to begin... Alright, let's start with the new styles for the main hands-free bag. All of the products below will launch at the Toronto One of a Kind Show. If you are not going to the Show and would like to order one of these styles, please contact me at


Polka (Brown with red, green brown dots)
Lime (Green, Grey, Black)
Honeycomb (yellow, white and grey)

Galaxy (black&white)

Awakening (white&red)

Bubbles (green, white, black, red)


Meli-Melo (1 left)

Also new, this season...
I had many requests for a "mini" bag to simply carry an mp3 player or cards and key while salsa dancing or even for kids when they go to a friend's house. These will be available in 7 different styles at the One of a Kind Shows.

You all know that you can wear your bag on your arm but did you know you can also wear it on your leg or waist?

The last new addition is the waist scarf. Again, a few of my customers were requesting to wear their bag around their waist. Although it was always possible by removing the elastic and looping a small belt, I wanted to offer another stylish alternative. Three colors will be offered: silver, cherry red and black.

If you are interested in one of the styles, please contact me for a pre-order. All prices are $49.99 (USD or CND) and include a charm jewelry, a matching change purse and the bag is wrapped in a silky gift bag (so you don't even have to wrap it!!). We promise that all bags will be delivered BEFORE Dec 24.

See you soon,