Thursday, January 28, 2010

The good, the fun and the ugly!

This is the time of the year for me that everything happens at the same time...

The GOOD: I've just finished updating my website with new hands-free bags. Since it is Jupiter Freedom's 3rd year anniversary, I've decided to treat my customers with a once-a-year sale. You will find new spring styles, my new PixiPak(tm) collection, new bag accessories and new ways to wear your bag. Since the elastic strap is adjustable and removable, use it like a wrist wallet, arm pocket, travel waist pouch, leg bag or ankle wallet! So versatile!

The FUN: I get to plan my Summer and Winter collections. I go through a ton of fabric by visiting multiple fabric stores in Montreal, New York and Baltimore. It could be intimidating seeing hundreds and hundreds of fabric rolls but I now know what to look for so my eyes browse pretty quickly. When something stands out I then look at the material quality and pattern. It is important to have a small pattern that would fit within the bag's dimensions. I have lots of new ideas for the next months so keep posted...

The UGLY: I hate doing it but I really have no choice... accounting... I'm not bad with numbers but it takes such a long time to enter all the receipts and balance everything out. Plus, since I do business in both Canada and the US, I have different currencies and taxes... Anyway, no sense complaining because it is inevitable ;-)

Be hands-free,