Friday, July 31, 2009

New "Mini mini bag" for mp3 players

Bonjour, I'm very happy to show you a prototype of my new Jupiter Freedom "mini-mini bag"!! I had many comments over the years about developping a bag just for mp3 players, for kids and something to wear at the wrist or ankle or to hide under a shirt, skirt or pants.

I've put much thoughts into this and I came up with the perfect little size bag to address these needs. It is much thinner and a little smaller than the one I currently have in my collection. (see pictures) and it holds the minimum.

Here are the differences:

Mini-mini can store: keys, lipstick, money, cards, small mp3 player

Armbag can store: keys, lipstick, money, cards, any mp3 player (including iPod)/camera/cell phone (including iPhone, any PDAs). This bag also includes a removable change purse.

I will let you know when is will be for sale (probably around Oct). Please let me know what you think at

Be hands-free,

NEW mini-mini bag

Current armbag